Genre: Horror

Director: Mungo Benson
Cast: Holly Weston (DANISH GIRL); Daniel O'Meara ; Romain Levi (The Tunnel) ; Sam Gittins (Obey, Eastenders, Ray and Liz)

Synopsis: Lost in a haze of memory from which a truth is nowhere to be found, Lucy searches for a place to belong while constantly running from everything she cannot remember. 

Caught in the game Lucy is drawn back into the hills where she unknowingly confronts the past. Piecing together the clues do not let her see it yet she is quickly driven to run even though she can feel that is not what  she needs to do. Those around Lucy are aware of the trap she is in and have been using her for years, each with their own plan for her design they are waiting like vultures for her to wake up or carry on the journey where they can manipulate her as they choose. 

Can Lucy find the strength to break the the cycle? Or will survival blind her from the way out she is looking for? 
To Break the cycle all she has to do is to let go; to do this though she must first look it in the eye and see it for what it is but how can she know it is true when all she has ever known are lies.